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Ellen:  You have said that guilt is a learned emotion. What about other negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness and especially jealousy? Do any of these emotions have instinctual roots for our survival? When one finally dissolves the boundaries of separateness, do those emotions simply fade away, or do they still have a place in your life?

Umi:  The body has instinctive reactions.  These instinctive reactions are created from memories of near-death or death experiences.  They are an instant reaction to a situation.  The emotions of fear, anger and sadness, originate from this body process.  These reactions are part of the body's working system.  When these emotions spring from a situation, they are pure, full, and then complete.  There is no residue.  There is nothing left behind.  Finished!  These are the actions of the working mind.  These are not a problem.  These are part of the flow.  When the emotion comes pure and direct from the situation there is no suffering, there is a beauty in them.

Then there is the thinking mind.  The thinking that ponders, the thinking that re-members, the thinking that re-creates, that goes around with a 'what if' creation.  This is the cause of the emotions that create suffering.  This is the cause of the thinking that creates fear, sadness and anger, that springs from a fiction, from an imagining.  These emotions are the emotions that destroy the body and destroy the joy of each moment.  As long as you live in the thinking mind, there will be these emotions and there will be suffering.

But the emotion of jealousy is a strange emotion.  It is a cocktail of emotions.  It springs from beliefs to do with survival.  That is beliefs about the core of your self identity.  Beliefs that are not based on truth.  If I lose the other, \"I will die!\"  If the other makes love with someone else, my whole foundation will be shattered.  Jealousy does not come from love.  Jealousy comes from possessiveness.  From the need that the other must be 'mine'.  This again is an emotion coming purely from the thinking mind, from the imaginings and the beliefs. 

But when the boundaries of separation dissolve, the thinking mind is no more.  There is no longer a \"me\" to be protected.  There is simply this moment and this experience.  The body will go on functioning through the working mind and will only experience momentary emotions, but then in the next moment they are gone and nothing remains.  There is no identity of a 'self' to hold onto them.  There is freedom.  Each moment is pure, each moment is special, each moment is a joy, is a gift.  This is the true blossoming of love.

Love Umi